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Why You Should Hire A Professional Event Planner For Your Event?

Think of your event as an orchestra.

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What is a football team without a coach, an orchestra without a conductor, or play without a director? That is the feeling that can be experienced at your event without an Event Planner. Sure, the offensive line knows they need to run the ball, the strings know when to play and the actors know their part and when to speak, they all have experience, they are professionals and they know the overall objective.

Likewise, the caterer, the photographer, the lighting crew, the cleaning crew, the venue and the rental company. We know events well, we can coordinate and know what needs to be done to achieve the goal, but our individual goals, talents and focus are not the same.

Don’t get me wrong, as a Full-Service Caterer, we are happy to step in wherever we are needed and we sincerely care about the event. However, we truly believe it is in the best interest of the client to hire a qualified and seasoned event planner for their events. They have the ability and resources to maintain that “50,000 foot view” of the event. Their primary job is to ensure and preserve the overall goal is being accomplished and that all the individual units are performing and working together in perfect harmony.

So what is the benefit to the client?

Sara Lo, VP of Professional Services at Red Velvet Events, explains:

“There are several benefits, the most important one being that we are the one-stop shop for the Client. We orchestrate the entire guest experience from beginning to end using our top event partners that RVE has vetted over the last 16 years. We oversee all logistics of the event, ensuring each moving part cohesively works together, allowing our event partners (i.e. the caterer) to focus on their specific expertise within the event while we remain as the visionary and conductor of the event. We are an extension of our Client’s team, available in whatever capacity they need us to be involved with their event.”

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Yes, it can be pricey, however, for that level of commitment and service it is worth it! They are the experts in events and leaders in their field of event production. As a caterer, we are experts in food and beverage and the creation and service of food. We flourish the most, as does the food, when we have the ability to focus on this.

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