The Safer Way To Feed Your Team


Easy Ordering

Choose the options available for your “virtual” buffet. Staff can then build their own plate from the convenience of their computer or phone. 

Contact-less Delivery

Each meal is individually packaged in our protected and sanitized kitchen. All transactions are done online. Meals are then delivered hot for staff to pickup without ever touching a buffet line. 

Set Your Own Price

Companies can choose to pay anywhere from 0 to 100% of employee food costs depending on their budget. Want to offer a $5 daily stipend for staff to order? We can do that! Want to pay different rates depending on department? We do that too! Want to offer great meals to your staff but don’t have the budget? We can help!

How It Work for Companies

Vanilla Orchid will work with you to create a customized menu with new and unique options offered daily to your team. 

Choose meal options
that fit your team

Pick your dates 
& set your budget

Sit back and
let VO do the rest

Every staff member will find something unique and delicious on a Vanilla Orchid Buffet. We can also offer complete meals to meet any dietary restriction.

How Employees Order

Employees will receive a reminder the morning of their scheduled lunch with unique entree and side options to choose from. 

Build your plate
from the day’s
Virtual Buffet 

Submit your order
before cutoff

Enjoy your individually packaged meal when it’s safely delivered

Pick Your Price

We offer 3 flexible pricing tiers to meet any budget requirements. And remember, bulk pricing and free delivery are always included at no cost!

Employees pay individually for their meals

Employers pay either a set % or a fixed amount per employee. 

Employers cover 100% of employee meals. Billed Net30.

Want To Learn More?

A Vanilla Orchid Event Specialist can answer any questions you have, show you example menus or create customized meals unique to your team.