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Vanilla Orchid’s Strict Health Enforcement Policy

Vanilla Orchid has taken swift and decisive action to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and is publicly sharing the below “Health Enforcement Policy” to courageously lead the effort to keep our customers, vendors, staff, and all those in the service industry, as well as our community, safe and healthy.

*Note this is a brief overview of the more complex and detailed step-by-step procedures we are actually following as a company.

To Our Customers:
Please know, the below policy has already been enacted by the Vanilla Orchid Catering Co. Our team saw the threat coming and enacted the below policies even before national and state laws were put in place. Our staff has been trained and are well prepared to ensure your food, and your health, are kept as the most important priority during this pandemic. Our team will continue to fight for you and will follow every precaution to continue the strictest enforcement of this policy with the utmost professionalism.

We understand these procedures may seem awkward and maybe even rude compared to the human compassion you’re used to experiencing from our Vanilla Orchid team. But please know that following these procedures is the best way to love our neighbors, customers, and team. Following these procedures will ensure safe social distancing and ensure we can continue to keep each of our customers, especially those highest at risk, safe during this time.  

To Our Vendors & Industry:
We encourage all of those involved in the Food & Beverage Industry, as well as general Service Industry, to adopt similar policies during this time. We welcome and encourage the use, adoption, or complete replication, of the below policy in your business, facility, and/or homes.


The Vanilla Orchid facility has been completely locked down to outside customers, personnel, and non-essential personnel. No one is allowed into the facility that is not both essential to our operation as well as 100% healthy. This includes salespeople who are working from home, servers, bartenders, accountants, and non-salary chefs that are not absolutely necessary for food production. This lock-down also includes mail delivery personnel as well as routine cleaning staff, non-emergency maintenance workers, etc. Mail has been forwarded to a separate location and additional cleaning tasks have been assigned to Vanilla Orchid chefs already in the kitchen to greatly reduce any and all unnecessary entrance into our facility and food storage and preparation facility.


Vanilla Orchid has always maintained clean and sanitary work environments and procedures. Our team has a PERFECT record of passing Health Inspections and has consistently been praised by Austin Public Health Inspectors and Officials for having exceptionally clean facilities and practices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vanilla Orchid has implemented additional measures of cleanliness and extreme precaution.

Vanilla Orchid is well stocked in cleaning supplies including high-concentration cleaning and sanitation solutions for our commercial dishwasher, sanitation sprays, disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes, and cleaning supplies and clean and new towels. Please know, we are NOT at a shortage for supplies and will NEVER cut corners when it comes to the sanitation of our preparation facility


The following pickup procedure has been enacted and enforced for all pickup orders. No exceptions allowed.

Step 1) Arrive, Stay in Car, & Call 512-610-2134

Upon arrival, please pull up and call us from your car at 512-610-2134. Please DO NOT attempt to enter the kitchen. The doors are locked as we have restricted all access to our kitchen to essential chefs and management only.

Step 2) Confirm Pickup Over the Phone

A Vanilla Orchid manager will answer and confirm your name and order over the phone. If you have any questions about your order or need additional items, the VO manager will assist you over the phone. If the phone goes to voicemail when you call, it means we are likely on the line with another customer ahead of you. You can either leave a voicemail and we will call you back or wait a few seconds and call again. 

Step 3) Stay in your vehicle! Vanilla Orchid will set order directly outside. 

While on the phone, the VO manager will gather your order, and place it on our receiving table located on the sidewalk beside our entrance. The VO manager will re-enter Vanilla Orchid and confirm your order is ready for pickup. 

Step 4) Take Your Order

At this time, you may exit your vehicle, take your order from the table, and return to your vehicle. Please take all items back to your car. Note, in the rare case something was incorrect with your order, please DO NOT return any items to the table. Call the VO manager and we will solve the solution by setting out additional items if needed. Vanilla Orchid WILL NOT be receiving any items back for any reason. 

Between each pickup, Vanilla Orchid management will use a highly concentrated, commercial, disinfecting solution to wipe down the table. While it is unlikely a transmission could take place in this way, we are taking no chances.

Given the circumstances Vanilla Orchid will… 
1) NOT accept cash tips of any kind
2) NOT assist in loading an order into your vehicle
3) NOT allow anyone inside our kitchen
4) NOT be allowed person-to-person contact or exposure during pickups


The following delivery procedure has been enacted and enforced for all delivery orders. No exceptions allowed.

Step 1) Pre-confirmation of your delivery

Before your delivery, your Vanilla Orchid delivery driver will call to confirm your order and provide a more specific time of delivery. They will also confirm where exactly your order is to be dropped off (ie on doorstep, porch, outside gate, etc) If you have any questions about your order or need assistance of any kind, please let your driver know and he or she will provide a solution over the phone. *Note, if you have another location you would prefer the order to be set, please let the driver know when they call to confirm. 

Step 2) Vanilla Orchid will deliver on doorstep. Stay in your house!

Your delivery driver will deliver your order to your doorstep. If you notice your driver delivering your order, please stay in your house with the door closed until the driver has reentered their vehicle.
*Note, if access is restricted to your residence (ie gate-code, apartment complex, etc) the dropoff location will need to be outside as Vanilla Orchid staff is prohibited from entering facilities in an effort to practice extreme safety precautions in handling customer’s food. 

Step 3) Vanilla Orchid will immediately call to confirm drop-off. 
Upon delivery, Vanilla Orchid will immediately call to confirm your order has been set on your doorstep and is ready to be received. At this time, please take your order. 

While Vanilla Orchid delivery drivers are not allowed to touch door handles or enter buildings for deliveries, each driver will continue to sanitize their hands in between each delivery.

Given the circumstances Vanilla Orchid will… 
1) NOT accept cash tips of any kind
2) NOT assist in loading an order into your house
3) NOT be able to enter gates, apartment complexes, or buildings 
4) NOT be allowed person-to-person contact or exposure of any kind


Vanilla Orchid staff has always practiced the highest level of sanitation and safety procedures. During this pandemic, we have greatly increased our sanitation alertness, execution, and added additional checks to ensure sanitation. Our first mode of protection is our limited team. As stated earlier, we have a bare-bones team of chefs in the kitchen at any time. In addition, we have implemented a strict STAY AT HOME policy if anyone even “thinks” he/she is showing signs of any type of sickness at all. Even if a symptom is not thought to be COVID-19 related, our staff will stay home until all symptoms have passed, ensuring no possible pathway is enabled for transmission.


Vanilla Orchid does NOT order from the grocery stores and no Vanilla Orchid staff even steps food into a grocery store. Vanilla Orchid is NOT utilizing any 3rd party shoppers or delivery drivers who have entered crowded grocery stores. Vanilla Orchid orders raw food supplies directly from Texas ranches, professional food vendors and professional food purveyors. These food sources are secure, readily available, and have the lowest level of human contact compared to other sources of food.

Below are policies enacted directly by a few of our food vendors. While Vanilla Orchid continues to go above and beyond these policies, we are sharing so that our customers can have the knowledge and assurance necessary.

Sysco Central Texas Policy:

  • We have activated our pandemic planning protocols which define procedures to protect the health and safety of our associates, while ensuring business continuity and our ability to service our customers.
  • Our pandemic plan includes recommendations for providing safe deliveries, including procedures to limit or eliminate contact between our drivers and customers’ employees when necessary.
  • Our associates and leaders have been thoroughly briefed about the CDC and WHO recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as by practicing proper hand-washing hygiene.
  • We have begun conducting health screenings for Sysco Central Texas associates as well as all visitors to our sites.
  • We have halted all domestic and international travel and associates may only travel for truly business-critical reasons.
  • We have implemented a “return to work” protocol that applies to any associate who may potentially been exposed to the virus. Sysco’s director of global occupational health works closely with our operating companies to provide oversight on these “return to work” decisions.
  • Through April 30, we have cancelled or postponed our attendance at large group meetings.

Cawoods Produce Policy:

1.0 Introduction
1.1 This policy establishes procedures for company personnel During a possible Virus

2.0 Actions during a Virus outbreak
2.1 If any employee does not feel good, stay at home and see a doctor immediately.
2.2 The employee cannot come back to work until he has been cleared by a doctor.
2.3 All employees are evaluated before they clock in by the facility warehouse
manager, looking for coughing, sneezing and questioning them how they feel.
2.4 Before clocking in all employees shall sanitize their hands and after clocking in all
employees will wear gloves.
2.5 Once the outbound trucks are loaded and ready to be released the drivers Will
sanitize their hands and wear gloves. At the first stop the driver will sanitize their
hands and make their delivery. After the delivery is complete the driver sanitizes
and moves to their next stop, and repeat the same procedure throughout their
2.6 Inbound trucks drivers must stay in their trucks, and not enter the facility.
Receiving personal must wear gloves at all times.
2.7 All employees are instructed not to shake hands or high fives.