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TBT: Vanilla Orchid Caters Magnolia’s Chip & Joanna Gains

Vanilla Orchid was proud and honored to serve the owners of Magnolia Homes in Waco, TX, Chip and Joanna Gains. Famous for their hit TV show on HGTV, “Fixer Upper”, Chip and Joanna have won the hearts of America with their unique brand of home design and witty dialogue with their team of fixer upper crew.

For the past few years, Vanilla Orchid has catered numerous events for the couple including magazine releases, book celebrations, and special events.

In 2018, Vanilla Orchid was chosen to cater a dual-release celebration brunch for Joanna Gains’ Magnolia Journal release as well as Darling’s fall magazine release!

The menu was delightful with Vanilla Orchid’s Signature Salad and a mix of Fruit & Nuts presented on a tiered craft floral spread providing a light and healthy appetizer. Entrees served were a Vegetarian Quiche, Bacon, Jalapeno Sausage, and a homemade biscuits prepared and presented on rustic skillets putting the entire menu on par with Joanna’s simple yet elegant brand. Topping off the menu was a selection of custom cakes provided by the restaurant.

Vanilla Orchid was trusted no only to provide the food but also to manage staff and setup the entire venue. As any Event Planner knows, people eat with their eyes first! Food is one piece of an Event Experience that involves many pieces that all must work together. Vanilla Orchid was excited to be a part of each step of the customer journey!

img 6156
Magnolia and Darling Magazine
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Venue layout.
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Place setting for table.
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Buffet table