Vanilla Orchid Wedding

Vanilla Orchid Wedding

A Vanilla Orchid Wedding: Part 1

On June 7, 2015 of this year, I became Mrs. Ivan Mills!

I have been cooking and catering for almost 13 years now. During this time I have been privileged to be a part of so many weddings. Sharing the most special day of a couple's life. Creating for them THE experience that they will remember forever! It is a huge privileged to cater someone's wedding. It is such hard work, but it is so rewarding! Imagine hauling an entire restaurant to a separate location, setting it up in less than 2 hours and then orchestrate a show. It is sort of like that! So many details and the timing and delivery is critical to execute with perfection! I have been grateful to witness so many different types of weddings: styles, themes, sizes, etc. So, when it came time to plan my own wedding, I knew exactly what I wanted. Relaxing, fun, and unique!

My husband Ivan and I love to play and we love to laugh! We also so deeply love our family and our friends that we wanted our wedding to bless them and communicate to all who we are as a couple. Our desire was to create an experience that we would remember for the rest of our lives!

Mission accomplished! It was an event to remember. I am still hearing from my guests how much they loved our wedding. I cannot take credit for this. My staff, the vendors I worked with, my family and friends made this day the most special day of my life! I am sure one day that will be trumped by having a kid, but for now.. I am set for memories and stories to tell for a while!



Ivan and I would like to thank Vanilla Orchid for such amazing work! Annabelle's cakes were gorgeous. She put such thoughtfulness and care into making them gluten and dairy free for me, setting them up, decorating, and serving our guests. She actually was a guest at the wedding, but still she served my wedding and this was so special to me! She also worked with me to craft the exact look I wanted. I love the NAKED CAKE style right now and she did a great job capturing this and incorporating in my decor.


Vanilla Orchid did an incredible job (thank you Becky, Jessica and James!) providing for us the food we love. They presented it in such a way that although we were eating venison and all beef hot dogs, our guest felt like they were at a gourmet restaurant. The silver-plated chafing dishes framed the food and really added that special touch to the display. The specialty condiments (beer mustard, smoky ketchup, house made sauerkraut and pickles) where so creative and added just the right amount of pizzaz to the plate, and the artisan hot dog buns where delicious. This was no ordinary hot dog!


Ivan and I wanted a way to incorporate a piece of our food history into our weddings and honor our parents. Both Ivan and I lost a parent several years ago and we wanted to share an item that reminded us of them with our guests. In honor of my mother, we did Pickled Beef Tongue on a Roasted Garlic Crostini with Triple-Cream Blue. For Ivan's dad, we did Sausage & Biscuit Mini Sliders with Red eyed Gravy. Food is memories!


I love, love, love popcorn! Vanilla Orchid does an awesome popcorn bar and this was perfect for a late night snack and parting gift!


The people I work with are also my friends. I love Vanilla Orchid and there was no one I would rather cater my wedding, but in order to allow my staff to join me at the wedding, we had to ask for outside help to subsidize our large wedding. Hat Creek Burger Co. is one of my favorite places to go with my nieces and nephews and also for Ivan and I to go grab a quick bite to eat. The chicken flashers and the sweet potato fries are gluten free and since I am a girl who wanted to eat at my own wedding, they so graciously allowed us to serve these items at my wedding. I also love the aesthetic of their burger bus and my guests thoroughly enjoyed their scrumptious food! From a guest's perspective, they were a complete joy to work with and I would hire them again and again to cater for me in the future...I am a fan of all that they do!