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specialty drink stations

Specialty Drink Stations

Specialty stations foster a festive, casual environment with classics like liquor-infused teas and lemonades. Drink stations can also be customized with specialty offerings like mimosa or martini bars, Michelada bars and more. These stations allow your guests to sample and select their favorites and self-serve refills.

We provide sample menus as a reference point only. Each event will have a uniquely crafted menu that matches the client's vision and incorporates the best of seasonal, fresh ingredients. Please also note that some items we have listed on this menu are subject to availability.


Mimosa Bar

Mimosa Bars are the perfect addition to a spring wedding! Imagine a beautiful table, artfully arranged with sugar rimmed Champagne flutes, fresh assorted juices served in decorative milk carafes, and fresh fruit garnishes displayed in white porcelain bowls. The experience is delicious and breathtaking!


Michelada Bar

Beat the Texas heat with a quenching Michelada Bar. Start your cocktail off right by filling your chile rimmed mason jar with ice. Spice it up with peppery-vegetable juice, mole bitters, lime juice, and Tabasco. Cool it down with a perfectly satisfying-chilled Mexican beer. Then dress it up with in-house pickled garnishes. This is more than just a drink, it's like a salad in a cup!


Bourbon Bar

Nothing makes you feel warm and cozy like a sip of Bourbon on a fall day! Build your own craft cocktail with your favorite Bourbon (we like 1835 and Bulleit), fruity liqueurs, a wealthy assortment of bitters, seasonal fresh fruit garnishes, and in-house made Bourbon cherries and simple syrups.


Spiked Iced Tea Bar

Iced tea is a year-around drink in Texas! Seasonally selected iced teas served in our charming Mason Jar dispensers with highball glasses and colorful paper straws. Fill your glass from our festive selection of seasonal iced teas: Cranberry-Cinnamon, Rosemary-Lemon, or Blackberry-Orange. Then partner with Vanilla Vodka or Rum and top it off with an appropriately selected fresh fruit garnish. Your iced tea experience has just reached a new level!

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