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Bartender Services

Vanilla Orchid is permitted through TABC which allows us to provide alcohol as well as serve it. This means we are able to take care of all of your bar service needs making Vanilla Orchid a one-stop-shop. Our Bar Menu and Seasonal Alcohol Options will provide you with multiple options for your event.

All Event Bartenders:

  • are TABC Certified
  • Bring alcohol purchased legally through our many TABC suppliers
  • Bring a Temporary Alcohol Permit for every event (required by TABC law)
  • Covered under our TABC Liability Insurance
  • Vetted and trained professionally by Vanilla Orchid Catering Co.
  • Dressed professionally for every catering event in black slacks, black shoes, black button-down shirt, and a black aprion
  • Equipped with bar equipment

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